Learn the simple 3 Step Fitness System that will help you Increase your Power, Strength and Speed

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Simple 3-Step Fitness System to Increase your Power, Strength and Speed...

  • Muscle Balance - Release the overactive and tight muscles that could be preventing you from playing with optimal performance and increasing your chance of injury
  • Increase Power - Create more powerful cricket movements by strengthening the body
  • Game Preperation Action Plan - learn the steps that you need to take on game day to prepare the mind and the body

It is not by coincidence that Pro Cricket Players have massively improved their fitness regimes in recent years. This advance in fitness training has directly improved their performance.

New skills and coaching techniques will only take you so far, unless you improve the 'machine' that performs them...(your body).

In this eBook, we have created action plans for creating muscle balance, improving strength and preparing for game day.

So you can use this 3 Step System to start increasing your cricket performance in your very next game for only $27. 

Quotes from the Co-Founders

I first came across Fitness For Cricket when I started working with a client who played cricket at a high level. It certainly did not disappoint. I was extremely impressed with the training systems and how quickly we saw results.  My clients bowling speed increased by 15%!!!

Chris Rogers Personal Trainer

Follow the programme and the results will come. The eBook is set out with how-to action plans throughout so it is easy to follow. Excellent exercises and performance has definately increased to another level. Thanks.

Nick Fitness For Cricket Member

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